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I Need a Parrot

Xander fanfiction

I Need a Parrot - Xander fanfiction
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Welcome to i_need_a_parrot! This is a community for writers of fanfiction featuring Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, readers and general fans are not only welcomed but actively encouraged. At the moment anyone can post; and of course everyone is welcome to comment. Please read the Community Rules before posting or commenting.

What Is Welcome:
  • Fanfic – All pairings, all ratings, all genres including crossovers
  • Essays – about Xander, shipping Xander, or speculation about Xander
  • Challenges, Fic-a-Thons featuring Xander.

What is NOT Welcome:
  • Flames, personal attacks or trollish behavior – you will be banned
  • RPF/RPS - no 'real person' fic here please, there are plenty of other communities out there which accept RPF and RPS
  • All other Off-topic Posts - If unsure, please contact the Moderator before posting.

Fic Posting Guidelines
  1. All Fics MUST be behind an LJ cut. Instructions for LJ cuts can be found here.
  2. All Fics must have a header outside the cut. The following is a sample header. Title, Rating, Pairings/Characters and Summary are MANDATORY.

    Title: The Title of Your Fic
    Rating: The Rating of Your Fic
    Pairings/Characters: Xander/Someone implies paired; Xander, Someone implies non-paired
    Summary: A few sentences to give readers a hint what your piece is about.
    (optional header info)
    Warnings: May include warnings for slash, femslash, extreme violence, rape, torture, non-consensual sex, gore, language, character death, graphic sex, incest et cetera.
    Crossover with: List fandoms and characters if applicable
    Length: Word count - best for short pieces like drabbles or double drabbles.
    Author's Notes: Don't go overboard with your notes, but was this inspired by something? An answer to a challenge? A gift for someone? Note it here.
  3. Ratings: All fics must be rated. This is not optional. MPAA, BBFC or other ratings are fine, but you must provide an age rating.
  4. Warnings: Warnings are not mandatory but as fics of all types and pairings are welcome here, it would be wise to give potential readers a 'heads-up' of what to expect in your fic.
  5. If a fic post is part of a longer work, please use the following notation in the title: (Part/Total Installments). Examples: Crimson Regret 6/? or Off Course 2/? (heh!). You might also want to include a link to previous parts of the Fic.
  6. If Xander is not THE main character in your fic, please note this in the summary, characters listing or as its own warning.
  7. Tags: Please use the tags pre-defined. This will help people browse the archive and will make my life that little bit easier. :)

General Guidelines
  1. Feedback is strongly encouraged. Fic takes time to write. Take a few seconds and let the authors know you are reading.
  2. All graphics, including fic banners, need to be behind a LJ cut. There are no exceptions.
  3. As this is a site for all Xander fic and pairings, rabid hostility about a particular "OTP" will not be tolerated. Learn to play nice or go play somewhere else.
  4. All Fic posted here is welcomed at the I Need a Parrot website.

Any posts not following the rules will be deleted. Repeated offenders will be banned.

Our sister community is wka_nominations - the LJ site for the White Knight Awards.

This comm is proud to be affiliated with pygs_lj - the multi-fandom fic rec and pimping community!

Your friendly neighbourhood moderator is whiskyinmind. You can contact her at mara_sho @ livejournal.com.